Van Deventer – we keep it simple.

Simple contract, simple terms, simple rate, simple delivery and pickup. Simply the best furniture leasing company in the Region!


What They Say

“To be in business as long as you have been says it all! I think [VFR] staff is friendly and sincere in taking care of customers.”
– Pat, Del Sasso Enterprises

“We like referring our clients because of really good customer service.”
– Dana, Greystar Management

“Delivery is quick and easy!”
– Shantel, Del Sasso Enterprises

“I like referring my clients to VFR because of the friendly, great service!”
– Melanie, Itex Property Management

“VFR is so good about renting what our residents like. [They] are very professional and helpful.”
– Janet, Leyendecker Management

“I have always been very satisfied with the service!”
– Tracy, Itex Property Management

“I like referring my clients to VFR because of the excellent service I receive.”
– Pauline, Arlington Properties

“I know [my clients] will be taken care of, I always know VFR will take care of everything we need. We are very pleased with our service and everyone is so accommodating and helpful.”
– Beverly, Arlington Properties

“The staff is very friendly. [VFR] provides good service and if there is a problem, [they] take care of it immediately.”
– Dawn, Del Sasso Enterprises